Sunday, October 24, 2010

Haier computer operations headquarters to Beijing to accelerate the national distribution

Momentum is fierce in the domestic PC business - Haier Computer to Beijing to "exam" was.

Yesterday was informed that, in order to accelerate the pace of development of the Haier Group has decided, will Haier computer marketing, planning and marketing headquarters of the overall move to Beijing, local branch marketing department will maintain the status quo.

Haier Mobile Computing Business Unit General Manager Fang Chunsong confirmed the news to reporters, also said the new operational headquarters in Beijing's Zhongguancun, The Gate Building, will begin formal operations in November.

Haier Computer, another senior said few days ago, Haier Group CEO Zhang once again stressed the "need to develop speed Haier Computer to Beijing."

Fangchun Song said the computer operations headquarters to Beijing, taking into account the three main advantages, namely, the status of Beijing's business, market information flow, close to the upstream component and software partners.

With operational headquarters relocation, Haier has also started to expand PC manufacturing business. Joint venture subsidiary, "the sea to" re-established in Jiangsu, a new production base. Because under the present growth rate, the Shenzhen plant capacity is not enough. Newspaper was informed that the new plant in Jiangsu future will mainly serve the export business. Haier had built together with the Henan zhongcheng computer production base, will be mainly for the middle of the rural market.

However, with the local Lenovo, Founder, compared with side brands, Haier is still lagging behind the overall size of the computer a lot.

Haier Computer, 2007, "the scale of years", it said on various occasions, the importance of scale even higher than the profit. Fangchun Song said sales this year than last year doubled to 1.2 million units. Haier terminal stores in high-speed expansion. Has set up 800 stores, this year will reach 4,000.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let the spirit soar your football career

2006 World Cup in Germany will pull heavy curtain, 32 princes Sabre-rattling, determined to win. Running, cheering, shouting, competitive ... ... There is no weak, here refused to mediocrity! The spirit of football is full of charm us is fresh, strong, is forging ahead, passion, hard work ... ...

Workplace football spirit soar

World Cup's influence, sometimes not only because of football, it may be more because of a team, a player who saw a force, a state of mind, and spirit to our shock Let us admire.

Hard achievements dream

Football there is passive, there is a low profile, there is no love publicity, but by no means weak! German football stressed the strong reason, even if only the last second game, they will not give up, fight more than, more than offensive; Italy, and perhaps always a step away from success, yet they have no pain and regret, he brought people more are in the dark see the light; Korean arena everybody roam, struggling to scramble, indomitable, they are calm and stable no matter win or lose, for them, the struggle is an invaluable asset.

Needless to say, in the workplace, enterprise and hard work are essential for each individual potential. Such as international investment banking, undergraduate students beginning in the 25 thousand U.S. dollars annual salary of -5 million, Managing Director of the basic salary has remained at 20 million U.S. dollars. But the world-renowned investment bank analyst working hours per day up to 14-18 hours. First, access to talent and investment banks for novice to learn on their own for the opportunity, like swim, swim out to them, You do not come out and drowned; the other is digging one. The industry needs energetic, enthusiastic and positive, knowledgeable and a high degree of self-discipline, a competitive market and cruel. When we sigh with their high salaries, professional, competent, knowledgeable of the time, ever thought about their own pay and how much?

In fact, the information workplace, many depressed people in 2006, a total of 4.13 million university graduates to employment; a few easy "Karoshi" career also promulgated; heavy work pressure; difficulties in relations between colleagues ... .... Kinds of problems always seem so much more than pleasant, but there are always some people, they never compromise on the negative, never refused to throwing in the towel, they are active, optimistic, full hard, they may be hesitant But never give up.

Casting legendary team

Football itself make people happy, but team spirit is the soul of football. Any game without a team of hard work, and then arrived in good players can hardly rival. German football has always been known as a team, and defending the whole of the Netherlands, Argentina's steel division. Team spirit is the true essence of football.

In fact, for a team, the most dangerous thing was internal discord and internal unity, will be able to conquering, internal discord, is bound to your spirit is damaged, do not fight the enemy. Team members not only need good strikes, and also requires excellent leadership strategist. Liu Yang in charge of the first for Lenovo, but it can be said Guo Wei, Digital China is in charge of the management of cases of success, while Niu Gensheng founded Mengniu from Erie, the Erie case management on less than commendable.

Enhance the standard rules

Soccer match, for space, time, numbers, equipment, referees, namely, winning ways and so there are stringent regulations, it makes a lot of competitive football match and enhance the fairness, team play is satisfied, we see the happy, who won the peace of mind, out of people convinced.

Has a future and not to, so follow the rules of the game. Football and the workplace, although in different environments, as different, but there are common rules of the game. Such as teamwork; such as Gentlemen love fortune, must be acquired; such as to be good at communicating with people; such as prudent, to improve themselves; such as to readily accept new challenges; such as to have clear goals, and share with others Resources ... ... If we can understand the rules of the game, the workplace will be more happy working hard, and many talents are few complaints.

Competition beyond the "Red Sea"

Some people say that "in times of peace, football is war", soccer tactics, lineup, the team ... ... more public support, its influence is really underestimated. However, if a team is strong enough, it will not find anyone other than their own opponents. Brazilian people love football intoxicated, offensive football, art soccer, samba football, Brazil's players are always brilliant passion, they repeatedly attack and performances, hardly stopping. For them, competition is the show, football is fun, even if the competition can maintain the dance-like style, unfettered, unrestrained freedom.

Brazilian's success stems from a love for football, but not on a competitor's attention, with a total commitment to beat the opponent, because of its narrow, destined to be difficult to achieve, especially in the workplace. "Blue Ocean Strategy" that "want to win in the competition, the only way is to not only beat the opponents," and not just to look at the existing industry this "Red Sea", but in encouraging enterprises to brave the unknown market space course, explore the industry still can not see, that business opportunities in the "Blue Ocean." pay more attention to competitors, as more attention to themselves and the broader market, in fact, only the high-growth companies spend very little attention or defeat opponents in keep a close eye, but through the value of their innovations, trying to make competitors become insignificant.

Success comes from action

World Cup has not yet begun, the German physicist Toland on the basis of a physics model to conclude that 56.8% of the German team won the World Cup chance; The British Queen is also the "Times" said that if Beckham Farm to lead the England football team to win, she will have tea at Buckingham Palace requested the players; French team training camp in the Alps, led the team manager threatened to have confidence in the finals ... ... In fact, every player has the desire to win They are aimed at the target - the World Cup.

In the workplace, on the successful pursuit of esteem is actually worth something, but action is more important. For individuals, must have their own goals and planning, you are now? Where you want to? How can we get there? You do? With the objectives and actions that the individual not lose direction. As a team, only the target clear, step by step possible to mobilize the members of passion, more people are willing to fight for the team.

These football spirit, as if a strong cry and the burning passion, Youyuanerjin, let chaos in the workplace seems to become clear, become wise, become powerful.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dealers have to learn to make money, "Pong" manufacturers that moneybags

China's economy has gone from a planned economy to a market economy, changes in China's economic transformation has also led to this active group of distributors, dealers, through 10 years of development, some of them have developed into an annual turnover of a billion dollars of the large distribution business, and an annual turnover of tens of millions of medium-sized dealers, of course, for years the turnover is not the small dealers; them either from the mom and pop stores start is because of their diligent work gradually developed, and some former state-owned enterprises coming out of the independent distribution business started out to do; no matter how the transition to a dealer in this area, they have experienced in recent years the development of the bottlenecks, such as capital management, personnel management, logistics, business development strategy, etc. etc., can be said that a lot of problems have been tied Rao modern dealer. Now the market is changing, originally in the big circulation, you pay me to ship, the market is relatively simple and easy to do more, do not have to move a lot of business people, not to set up a lot of departments; as hypermarkets dig , the dealer also with the development of store developed rapidly, but the company has more problems, and as mentioned earlier, the capital chain management, logistics and other issues.

Dealer agent brands, no lack of a relatively good business, such as Coke, Yili, Mengniu, Wahaha best big companies such as; relationship between dealers and manufacturers can not only limited to trading relations, the level of cooperation should stand on the factory followed the development of the wealthy to strengthen ourselves. Dealer friends how good manufacturers, "Pong" Well the wealthy, learn something useful that would be most important.

Manufacturers to learn the advanced management experience

Manufacturers any case, knowledge of the market and management experience in general are superior to those dealers, in particular, like Coke, Master Kong, Yili, Mengniu and other large enterprises; their business process management, financial management, logistics management, team building and so has advanced management experience. Many large enterprises out of the market operation of the marketing elite has a very valuable first-line combat experience in regional business is also entrusted with leading the team, training team mission. Dealers have a good relationship with these Fengjiangdali to place their valuable experience to his training team training, market operations over the direction of communication, certainly learned a lot.

Every year, a number of large companies launch new products to hit the market, they promote a new product has mature experience, new to the market to rally, the layout of the terminal network and how to display the standard, a model of how to build shops, etc. These are related to the dealer to do before large circulation was different in the market, dealers have done before, there is no product planning, market operations and no norms, the stragglers, the market can not develop, promote products; dealer to make good use of this golden opportunity, with the introduction of new products, playing good opponents.

Dealer daily management of the business staff is headache, often appear the phenomenon of attendance not work, only to see business people day after day in and out of the company, but could not see some improvement in the market, their management can not be too strict, and often hear business people say "iron barracks go soldiers, this will not be carried on for a" dealer in the flow of business persons is very large, a movement, but, there will be large and small problem dealers every year, officers have to spend a lot of signs, the most important thing is the loss of the market. In retrospect, manufacturers, manufacturers of business there will be movement, but much better than dealers, even if some staff will leave a lot of processes to go, the market can be normal business or in operation, it is because business established an effective mechanism of supervision and management, business call tracking form, the customer information table, the customer contact list, summary and so on, even if the staff is gone, new one can easily get the information to know customer situation. Dealers on the business to establish an effective monitoring and management mechanisms, in particular the establishment of effective assessment and incentive mechanisms to foster potential business, and retain a strong backbone for their own operational capacity services.

Use of strong product manufacturers to enlarge and strengthen dealer

When your hands are Coke, Dove clever to force the Iraqi forces, Mengniu and other major brands, you can say at the regional distributor in the field is a very strong dealer; although less profitable to do these brands, but because your hands are The big, the other smaller manufacturers will be on the market to find you, asking you to do their agents. In particular, do modern terminal, you hand if the man called the ring not the brand, then you can not get in the system, good conditions for cooperation is in store as you are bullied, robbed not a good location. Have a saying that says "big brands to market, is 璺戣窇 volume, but he can drive sales of other brands, make a profit."

Institute for Policy to the manufacturers

As the product homogeneity more serious, more intense competition in the market alone can not force dealers to enlarge the market, so this time, and manufacturers should cooperate together to complete the development of the market. Especially supermarkets and hypermarkets and other modern channels of operation is relatively complicated, rules and great, little carelessness, there may be fines and late payment. Especially in the terminal stores can say that the white-hot competition in the market to maintain time-consuming and laborious, but also a very expensive place to use. Dealers To operate you need to learn good modern retail terminal to the manufacturers to resources, of course, understood where resources can not just be cost, as well as staff support, marketing support, support management experience.

Going active learning

Now many manufacturers and distributors more and more emphasis on the relationship between the number of games held every year and the dealer face to face communication between the General Assembly; During this period, companies will be the future market planning, new releases and exchanges of dealers, especially nowadays Popular invite some marketing experts to teach for everyone on the latest marketing ideas and management problems encountered; of course, then corporate finance, logistics, marketing, sales and other department leaders will be present and to share work problems, Dealers must seize this rare opportunity to open their hearts, and these experienced leaders for advice on personnel management, financial management, logistics management experience, and expertise to do a market study of effective methods, how to open up the market with low cost, etc. As long as you put your heart to share their knowledge, revenue is greatly's.

Dealers have to learn to "Pong" factory this wealthy, are not confined to earn profits selling products this basic level, to make its own strong back-up support to become, bigger markets and stronger enterprise.


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The battle with Ninetowns of Warcraft account

The game does not sell good, the bad games are not necessarily sold poorly, which in China's online game industry has been proven many times.
A big investment products, it is possible a business success, but also drag down a company. This year in January, the world famous game "EverQuest" (EQ) to the famous miscues Ubisoft Shanghai, while another was placed high hopes of "Maken" is dragging down the inside was made famous in the game industry The Heaven interactive software company. Secondary reasons are not fit for the game itself is also operational missteps.
To people, Ninetowns operation "World of Warcraft," have to face three major challenges.
The first is technical risk, such as PW and external operations. It is said that in China there have been "plug Shuaqian" and "accelerated Flying" and other plug-in, the game developer Blizzard can do nothing, which is also for the woe of Ninetowns as good as a bad news.
Second, although the quality WOW strong, but it is not flawless. Late last year, in Europe and the United States issued the first Christmas after the holiday, WOW there have been a large area on the server paralysis, unable to access the player a long time. As the problem can not be resolved in a short time, the last Blizzard only enabled backup servers, only temporary relief from the tension at the time. But the players anger remains high, even to lift their web site editor that will WOW the best game of 2004 as the decision.
Performance pressure. Late last year, Ninetowns successful listing, financing, about the amount of 100 million U.S. dollars. Ninetowns performance pressure, and it and the Blizzard agreement also makes the operating profits of becoming thin. For a normal game, the people will reach the breakeven line. But for the "World of Warcraft", the 8 million people in the same time line to achieve a balance. In fact, free play time and other expenses of the existence of break-even point will be higher, approximately between 150,000 to 20 million people.
Ninetowns operation must be the most successful "miracle" in 2004, 17 173 and the Hai Yirui market Consulting Co., Ltd. jointly organized the "Fourth China online game market research", the NINETOWNS to 12.04% among the Best customers Service second.
But then the process or the operation of the investors to NINETOWNS pinched to Khan, the financial statements in Ninetowns we can see the first quarter of 2004, revenue dropped 46.7%, from 75.6 million yuan fell to 40.3 million element. This is mainly due to the spread of PW and plug blow, resulting in the loss of a large number of users.
From operating experience, the "miracle" and "World of Warcraft" between the two years, Ninetowns only operate through a "outer" and to the size of Ninetowns, "outer" can only be said to be operating dismally, in the few short years, China's online games industry, whether the user level or sales channels, have undergone tremendous changes, and Ninetowns has not witnessed these changes come through combat. Some professionals think: Ninetowns operational and combat experience to lag the market in 2012, may remain in the current "miracle" level.
VUG in accordance with the agreements between Vivendi, Ninetowns in February this year three million U.S. dollars to pay licensing fees, the formal charges before the game, Ninetowns still spending 6.8 million U.S. dollars for certain specific activities. Game charges a 22% sales points, four editions of the total taxes of about 51.3 million U.S. dollars, 1.6 million U.S. dollars per quarter to 370 million. In addition, Ninetowns will have to spend not less than 13 million U.S. dollars in the market cost for the "World of Warcraft" and promotion.
Vivendi and Ninetowns both "World of Warcraft" in China the number of average concurrent online is expected to more than 200 000 ~ 250 000. Clearly this goal is very difficult to maintain for four years, raising prices may be a more feasible option. However, users and very sensitive to price, the price will shield the high number of students and remote areas of the player, which will undoubtedly bring the overall size of the user group is not a small effect.
Ninetowns need to win "the battle of Warcraft" to prove "Ninetowns of accounts" shrewdness.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thunder has more than 100 million users targeting NASDAQ

"Over the past year, Thunder client software has been in more than 75 million computers on the installation, use, Thunderbolt number of Internet users has more than 100 million!" Yesterday, held high-tech zones in the city "hundreds of Internet companies into the Thunder" event site, Thunder president Zou Shenglong letter to the City Section in charge and the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of nearly one hundred peer Internet announced the news.

Three years, the global focus on achievement download engine "hegemony"

Zousheng Long said the research appeared Thunder can use this Internet industry's largest software download engine, which struggle to find. In early 2003, just incorporated in Shenzhen City Thunder, are catching up with "SARS" epidemic, venture capital to get the original re-opening plans are dashed.

Clearly seen in the Internet industry was the current situation - the field of instant messaging Tencent QQ, online games are big, mailbox areas Netease, the field of search engine Baidu, Google and other strong competitors, the Zousheng Long, Cheng Hao the two founders Thunder finally the main research and development, focusing on the Internet, download engine services.

November 2004, Thunder through research, developed the first generation of independent multimedia search technology based on the download engine, and successfully patented. And, in 2004 the first year of economic recovery in the Internet, technology and the development of the Internet started to download the engine of Thunder, IDG has successfully obtained several million dollar investment.

Thunderbolt "coverage" Global 100 million Internet users

Since 2005, with the Thunder several times to upgrade, improve the download engine software and services, Thunder Thunder also has introduced products, mini-Thunder, WEB Thunder products, entered a rapid growth period.

Zousheng Long said the Thunder software download engine is currently installed capacity is very large, has been ranked first in the world; since 2005, Thunder expanding client is currently a total of more than 75 million units worldwide installed on the computer Thunder download engine; Thunder Download Engine "coverage" of the world's more than 100 million Internet users, with 85% of broadband users in China market share.

Targeting NASDAQ

Thunder in the accumulation of a large number of users at the same time, the website and revenue model also was a breakthrough. This year in June, the full launch of the website Thunder "Thunder-line", its traffic also quickly becoming the nation's top 20 Internet sites, is expected to among the top ten this year. With the site this platform, Thunder began to aggressively into video distribution and value-added services.

"The end of 2004 received an order from the first money earned 6,000 yuan, to the present, Thunder in the profit model on a lot of breakthroughs have been achieved." According to reports, to negotiate with the GDC, from the global digital production and in early August just released the first 3D animation made large, "Bies Magic Ring" was released to the Thunder line, 4 yuan a download fee, with a huge download, and Thunder channels, few days ago, Thunder on the issue of cost recovery. "Since 2007, Thunder will enter a mature stage. Thunderbolt development goals, is listed on NASDAQ in 2008." Zousheng Long says.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spreadtrum and lower fourth quarter revenue is expected to lay off 15%

Dec. 26 message, Spreadtrum announced fourth quarter earnings expected to be 1 million U.S. dollars, and lay off 15%.

Third quarter of 2008, revenue of 20 million U.S. dollars Spreadtrum, great changes as the industry environment, the fourth-quarter revenue is expected to only 10 million U.S. dollars. Previously, Thomson Financial expected revenue of 22.89 million U.S. dollars.

Spreadtrum GSM mobile phone chips do fortune, in order to make TD, CMMB and AVS three national standards, has invested more than 600 million yuan, has Spreadtrum TD chip shipments only less than 100,000, CMMB chip shipments are not more than 80 10000. The Spreadtrum GSM chips shipped each quarter at 800 million to 9 million or so.

Spreadtrum was established in April 2001, San Diego in the United States and China, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Tianjin branch offices and development centers. According to reports, Spreadtrum total number of employees to about 800, more than 500 employees are engaged in international projects related to more than 400 people specialize in TD development, the company invested more than 50% of Finance is doing TD. The current round of layoffs, about 120 or so.

Early in November, Spreadtrum Communications announced third-quarter results of 2008 third quarter revenues of Spreadtrum 20 million U.S. dollars, down 48%, loss of 31.3 million U.S. dollars. The Spreadtrum cash on hand to this year only 67 million U.S. dollars by the end of June. (Sea)

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Spreadtrum Communications, a net loss for the third quarter of this year, 31.3 million U.S. dollars, last year and this year's second quarter net profit to 6.1 million U.S. dollars and 260 million.

Excluding one-time profit and loss items, Spreadtrum Communications, a loss in the third quarter of 430 million, last year and this year's second quarter profit was 7.6 million U.S. dollars and 490 million. Spreadtrum Communications, the third quarter of this year, each American Depositary Share, diluted loss of 0.1 U.S. dollars, last year and this year's second quarter diluted earnings per American depositary share were 0.16 dollars and 0.11 U.S. dollars.

Spreadtrum cumulative shipments of the chips next year, watch 100 000 000

November 16 this year, Kang Yibo, vice president of market development of disability information on the Netease technology that Spreadtrum CMMB chip market is very promising, "Our SC6600V the industry's first to support both H.264 and AVS video decoder single-chip solution , cumulative shipments of chips next year, the company is expected to watch 100 million. "

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Monday, July 12, 2010

To do with Akoff Music Composer MIDI music (2)

We all know that there are many types of music files, so there are a lot of people ask the question, how to with the large WAV files or MP3 files into a "MIDI" file format, because they found that the format of music files " very small. " General we see the MIDI format at most tens of K, really quite attractive. However, unless you have a professional knowledge of music and want to produce their own paper so it is very difficult.
Presented to you today Akoff Music Composer software can help you make up for this sorry, it can be music files into MIDI files, is very convenient.

Use before briefly about what is MIDI, you will better understand the work principle of the software.

The so-called MIDI is actually short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, literal translation can be translated as "musical instrument digital interface", to the effect that the method used to achieve digital music player. After he and our common MP3, WAV files are not the same, it does not contain any real musical information. It is actually the sound card for voice control, if the sound card for this part of the function of a set of keys than in the case, then the MIDI file is available for the computer to read the music.

Here, surely you can immediately see why MIDI files are so small, that record is a command rather than a real musical information, such as MP3, WAV and other documents to show that the record is a code rate of musical clarity, and The MIDI file is not there this issue, because the sound card sound card wavetable synthesis chip (or special wavetable synthesis) is applied to the synthesis performance. Sometimes it sounds really no difference, but when you open the volume control to find something to "software synthesizer", mute, you can find, MIDI files can no longer audible. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

Finished these, you probably already understand, the software will actually restore the musical scores through the analysis of information, MIDI files, which, as we usually carry out some of the "notation."

First need to note is that it can only be realized from the "WAV" to "MIDI" change, if the other format, first convert the "WAV" file. Everything is ready, open the software interface (Figure 2):

Figure 2

We mainly use the above three-part feature.

First, use the first column of the "Open" function to find the need to convert the "wav" file, then in the file column will show the path to the file, the right to listen to the playback control file.

Select the green Convert button, the further in the following window settings (Figure 3):

Figure 3

First select a document identifying the voice of musical types, the software provides a "human voice" "The Piano" "wind," "Acoustic Piano", "whistle" identify the type used to generate five different tracks, if you have the original file contains more than sound, we must complete the following steps, respectively.

After a good choice to start on the right of the "Start" button, it will automatically play music, and start the conversion. You can see the waveform and musical keyboard in the bottom of every detail that was converted into the corresponding pitch of the key bit, the end of conversion, you can select "MIDI" column "PLAY" view the conversion results, while you can change of tone change after the file is used to add audio tracks.

Select "Add Track" can do on a track to the main panel of synthetic tracks, you can generate different colors were extracted from the track needs, thus forming a chord effect. (Figure 4)

Figure 4

Of course, the pursuit of results, there are many details can be adjusted, such as tone, you can identify the voice on the sound card, can be named to the track, select the instrument, adjust the volume and balance, etc. about to rise. Satisfied, click on File- > SaveMidiFileAs (Save as Midi file) can, on completion of a music conversion.

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