Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dealers have to learn to make money, "Pong" manufacturers that moneybags

China's economy has gone from a planned economy to a market economy, changes in China's economic transformation has also led to this active group of distributors, dealers, through 10 years of development, some of them have developed into an annual turnover of a billion dollars of the large distribution business, and an annual turnover of tens of millions of medium-sized dealers, of course, for years the turnover is not the small dealers; them either from the mom and pop stores start is because of their diligent work gradually developed, and some former state-owned enterprises coming out of the independent distribution business started out to do; no matter how the transition to a dealer in this area, they have experienced in recent years the development of the bottlenecks, such as capital management, personnel management, logistics, business development strategy, etc. etc., can be said that a lot of problems have been tied Rao modern dealer. Now the market is changing, originally in the big circulation, you pay me to ship, the market is relatively simple and easy to do more, do not have to move a lot of business people, not to set up a lot of departments; as hypermarkets dig , the dealer also with the development of store developed rapidly, but the company has more problems, and as mentioned earlier, the capital chain management, logistics and other issues.

Dealer agent brands, no lack of a relatively good business, such as Coke, Yili, Mengniu, Wahaha best big companies such as; relationship between dealers and manufacturers can not only limited to trading relations, the level of cooperation should stand on the factory followed the development of the wealthy to strengthen ourselves. Dealer friends how good manufacturers, "Pong" Well the wealthy, learn something useful that would be most important.

Manufacturers to learn the advanced management experience

Manufacturers any case, knowledge of the market and management experience in general are superior to those dealers, in particular, like Coke, Master Kong, Yili, Mengniu and other large enterprises; their business process management, financial management, logistics management, team building and so has advanced management experience. Many large enterprises out of the market operation of the marketing elite has a very valuable first-line combat experience in regional business is also entrusted with leading the team, training team mission. Dealers have a good relationship with these Fengjiangdali to place their valuable experience to his training team training, market operations over the direction of communication, certainly learned a lot.

Every year, a number of large companies launch new products to hit the market, they promote a new product has mature experience, new to the market to rally, the layout of the terminal network and how to display the standard, a model of how to build shops, etc. These are related to the dealer to do before large circulation was different in the market, dealers have done before, there is no product planning, market operations and no norms, the stragglers, the market can not develop, promote products; dealer to make good use of this golden opportunity, with the introduction of new products, playing good opponents.

Dealer daily management of the business staff is headache, often appear the phenomenon of attendance not work, only to see business people day after day in and out of the company, but could not see some improvement in the market, their management can not be too strict, and often hear business people say "iron barracks go soldiers, this will not be carried on for a" dealer in the flow of business persons is very large, a movement, but, there will be large and small problem dealers every year, officers have to spend a lot of signs, the most important thing is the loss of the market. In retrospect, manufacturers, manufacturers of business there will be movement, but much better than dealers, even if some staff will leave a lot of processes to go, the market can be normal business or in operation, it is because business established an effective mechanism of supervision and management, business call tracking form, the customer information table, the customer contact list, summary and so on, even if the staff is gone, new one can easily get the information to know customer situation. Dealers on the business to establish an effective monitoring and management mechanisms, in particular the establishment of effective assessment and incentive mechanisms to foster potential business, and retain a strong backbone for their own operational capacity services.

Use of strong product manufacturers to enlarge and strengthen dealer

When your hands are Coke, Dove clever to force the Iraqi forces, Mengniu and other major brands, you can say at the regional distributor in the field is a very strong dealer; although less profitable to do these brands, but because your hands are The big, the other smaller manufacturers will be on the market to find you, asking you to do their agents. In particular, do modern terminal, you hand if the man called the ring not the brand, then you can not get in the system, good conditions for cooperation is in store as you are bullied, robbed not a good location. Have a saying that says "big brands to market, is 璺戣窇 volume, but he can drive sales of other brands, make a profit."

Institute for Policy to the manufacturers

As the product homogeneity more serious, more intense competition in the market alone can not force dealers to enlarge the market, so this time, and manufacturers should cooperate together to complete the development of the market. Especially supermarkets and hypermarkets and other modern channels of operation is relatively complicated, rules and great, little carelessness, there may be fines and late payment. Especially in the terminal stores can say that the white-hot competition in the market to maintain time-consuming and laborious, but also a very expensive place to use. Dealers To operate you need to learn good modern retail terminal to the manufacturers to resources, of course, understood where resources can not just be cost, as well as staff support, marketing support, support management experience.

Going active learning

Now many manufacturers and distributors more and more emphasis on the relationship between the number of games held every year and the dealer face to face communication between the General Assembly; During this period, companies will be the future market planning, new releases and exchanges of dealers, especially nowadays Popular invite some marketing experts to teach for everyone on the latest marketing ideas and management problems encountered; of course, then corporate finance, logistics, marketing, sales and other department leaders will be present and to share work problems, Dealers must seize this rare opportunity to open their hearts, and these experienced leaders for advice on personnel management, financial management, logistics management experience, and expertise to do a market study of effective methods, how to open up the market with low cost, etc. As long as you put your heart to share their knowledge, revenue is greatly's.

Dealers have to learn to "Pong" factory this wealthy, are not confined to earn profits selling products this basic level, to make its own strong back-up support to become, bigger markets and stronger enterprise.


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